Theory Drills for Young Children, Letter Names (2nd Edition)

🎉 Theory Drills for Young Children: Letter Names (2nd edition) NEW!

The new edition of Theory Drills for Young Children: Letter Names (2nd Edition) is available now!

The new edition builds on the child-centered approach featured in this series to further provide young children with the best learning experience.

Music Theory for Young Musicians, Grade 1 (4th Edition)

“Oh, to be young again and to learn Music Theory in this lovely, motivating, enjoyable way!” recommended by Margaret O’Sullivan Farrell in her foreword.

The 4th edition of Music Theory for Young Musicians:-

⭐️ has a new look: a new layout, new colors, and a complete overhaul of the type of exercises provided.

⭐️ provides multiple-choice questions in line with the online examinations in Music Theory.

⭐️ offers attractive illustrations, child-friendly explanations, clear language, and amusing icons (a bee🐝, an owl🦉, a drum, and drum sticks🥁) to direct the attention of the student to a particular concept.

Available now!