Teaching Tools

Poco Teaching Tools

Poco Classroom Series is a teaching aid for teaching beginning music students musical concepts and developing their musicianship skills through games and activities.

Teaching/learning support: Providing tools that support teachers in teaching musicianship skills

Hands-on practice: Using interactive activities – listening, singing, composing, improvising, analyzing – to make learning practical and fun

Holistic development: Developing rhythmic, reading, coordination, creative and analytical skills through play and group activities

Magnetic Solfa Tone Cards


  • In this pact you will find
    • A set of 16 magnetic cards: s, l, t, d r m f fi s si l ta t d’ r’ m’
  • Objectives : To support singing using solfege, interval drill, inner hearing, dictation, tone-set singing, etc.

Poco Keyboard Flashcard


  • In this pack you will find :
    • 1 Paper keyboard ( 4 octaves)
    • 84 Note Cards
    • 84 Letter name cards
    • Teacher Notes
  • Objectives : To learn the names of the keys on the piano

Sing, Play and Compose Music


  • 3 boards for rhythm cards
    • 4 bars in 2/4 time
    • 2 bars in 3/4 time
    • 2 bars in 4/4 time
  • 52 rhythm cards + 4 blanks
  • 7 tone sets
  • Objectives : Students will explore the relationship between note values and create rhythmic patterns.

Stick Notation Rhythm Flashcards


  • One set of cards numbered 1 to 65 ( Each card presents a bar of 4/4 time rhythm in stick notation)
  • Game Ideas
  • Objectives : To help students learn the values of basic notes and rests and their relationship to each other.